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About UBCO

Are you tired of traffic jams and crowded buses? The solution is an electric bike! Iron City Polaris Off-Road is a UBCO e-bike dealer based in Casa Grande that distributes top e-bikes for sale to daily commuters. For the daily commuter, the work 2x2 bike is a great alternative. This particular model is an all-black off-road, mud-ready bike with a top speed of 30mph and a maximum range of 81 mi. This UBCO e-bike gives you real-time data on the LCD screen or the UBCO app to inform you about your activities, power supply, and more. With an electric bike, you can experience all the freedom that riding a bicycle entails, with the added benefit of a quiet motor that gives the bike extra power when needed. Our electric bicycle shop is quickly expanding with some of the best e-bikes on the market. Before you buy, test-ride one of our various e-bikes for sale at our dealership in Casa Grande.


Switch to an E-Bike & Reduce Maintenance Costs

At Iron City Polaris Off-Road, we have the latest electric mountain bikes, touring e-bikes, comfort e-bikes, and folding e-bikes readily available at our Casa Grande shop. These e-bikes are available both online and at our electric bicycle shop locations. Understanding the differences between buying an e-bike and a traditional bike allows us to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase. Our knowledge distinguishes us as an expert e-bike dealer you can trust in Casa Grande.


Watch As Our E-Bikes for Sale Easily Conquer Tough Hills

Pedal-assisted e-bikes are a great way to boost your cycling and help you get more out of your rides than a traditional bike. We have fully stocked our electric bicycle shop with various e-bikes for sale, ranging from electric mountain bikes to electric road bikes. As one of the top e-bike dealers in Casa Grande, we have completed all the research and will point you in the right direction if you're unsure where to start your e-bike adventure. E-bikes are now simple to control and use, thanks to recent advancements. Even moving, you can easily switch from manual to electric power, and vice versa. See why you’ll benefit from one of our bikes today!

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Reap Multiple Benefits from A Single E-Bike Purchase

As a reputable e-bike dealer in Casa Grande, Iron City Off-Road offers e-bikes for everyday use. Electric bikes are a seamless means of transportation for leisure and daily tasks. You don't have to exert all your energy to get where you're going. When riding on pavement, up and down hills, or over rough terrain, these e-bikes are simple and perfect for various riders. When you own an electric bike, you're not only saving money by not using gasoline but also protecting the environment and maintaining your health. To check out our wide selection of e-bikes for sale, stop by our electric bicycle shop.

Experience the Outdoors With an Off-Road Vehicle from Iron City Polaris®

Nothing beats hitting the trails with loved ones, which is why Iron City Polaris® is delighted to provide families and enthusiasts in Casa Grande with the ATVs and off-road vehicles needed to amp up their next outdoor adventure. As a trusted dealer in Casa Grande, we have competitive prices on new and used ATVs, side by sides, utility vehicles, trailers, and even electric off-road vehicles. Load up, get on, and enjoy the fresh air as you discover the wonders of the great outdoors.

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